May 15, 2012

I Am Not A Rock Star

I know, 'cause I tried to be one and I sucked at it!  You've never heard of me before, now have you?  Nuf said. 

I am a pretty decent artist, though.  Truth is, I didn't have to try real hard at that one.  I can draw, I love to do it, so I went with my flow.  Shit, for years I've been waiting around for my inner Rock Star to come out.  Every time I'd sit to write a description of a piece or post a new blog or video, I'd feel the tremendous pressure to WOW!!! you people.  I'm not a salesperson for Dali's sake.  I played one in 'real' life one time, though.

Yep, I wuz waitin' around for that Rock Star to emerge and I have only just realized that it already did quite awhile ago.  My art is the star and not because I necessarily drew it.  See- this is how it works for me- this whole 'art' thing.  No matter one's artistic ability, they are an artist.  It all comes out in so many different ways.  Whether one paints or sings or writes or dances or serves as a CEO of a Co., or greets you at
Wal -I despise that place-Mart, what one is doing is his art.  Right or wrong for them, it's what they are freely choosing to be at a particular moment in time.  It's not possible for my soul to Occupy anything other than my space.  Learning to be true to that space and share it with the world in the way that I love most defines the art and my existence.   

That's my fellowship to humanity- being who I am.  No sir, I'm not a Rock Star... but I'm pretty good.

Look outward.

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