May 21, 2012

Feeding The Monster

Voices mean nothing, really, to a monster.  It's easy enough for the monster to simply cut out the vocal chords with one fell swoop. 

We bitch, we gripe and we complain.  We don't like things!  We must change!!  YOU HERE ME MONSTER?!!!  And he does... he's just allowing us to think that we have options because he knows we ain't never gonna do the one thing that would make him sit up and take notice.  So he encourages the bitchin'.  Ya'll got a gripe with me?  What is it my dears?  Right this way to the complaint department....

... Lola here will be glad to write it down for posterity's sake before she file 13's it.  Oh and by the way, I'm hungry- do you mind if I go ahead and eat you now?

Oh how we love to feed those dirty monsters.  They prey upon our fears for they know that is how to get us to feed them.  Mo' money.  They subsidize the fear to us and we willingly take it.  They tell us that we can do something to avoid our demise and we believe them.  They lie.  They INSURE us to the hilt, only to tell us that they're sorry, the INSURANCE doesn't cover us after all.  And we think what a crock this is and yet we still play the game 'cause we MIGHT win. 

Heck, we MIGHT win the LOTTERY- most all of us won't though.  That's the problem with relying on MonsterFood. 

Your homework for tonight, dear peers, is to recognize how you feed the monster and determine if he's really worth feeding anymore.

Oh, and- quitcher bitchin'.  Try laughing instead.